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kid being grab by his hair

The dad caught me on discord naked with a friend from school. My friend Jake took this pic right before my laptop went flying. My dad was not aware you could have video sex on the internet at my age. Which is seventeen in three months. He was not aware I am gay either.  I explained him I would have told him but I was afraid of the reaction I would get. I thought I should try it before I decide for sure before risking my life and come out to the world. I was temporarily saved by my mom.

Wait let him put some clothes on before you hurt him. We both turned to look at her like WTF. She said Moms don't look after puberty. Obvious from the how to be a mom handbook dad never read. 

Then the doorbell rings. I rescued my hair from my dads fist and was looking for underwear. Mom is running to answer the door. I go to put my underwear on Dad asks if they are for girls. I explain it is a bikini swimsuit for boys. He seem to think you could see through them.

Mom shows back up with Jake who came to see if I was still alive. With a printed copy of the above pic. Just in case the police were need. Jake was 6'2" and a junior on the football team. Dad actually said.

Your a hot strapping young man and you want be gay with my kid? I don't get it.

Jake said I known Joey for seven years. Because our last names began with J, we get the same scheduled every year. He helps me in English and I help him with Math. We both dated Cheri Davis in ninth grade just to get a ... no forget that part. What I am trying to say is I love your kid. I am hoping to talk him into loving me.

Mom asked if he was done growing.

I am the youngest of five. My brothers stopped at 6'4" so far. Dad just kept looking at him and then looking at me.

I go give Jake a hug for the first time ever. I said. You just outed yourself to my parents to recuse my ass.

A what a wonderful ass that is. Jake picks me up by my butt just to place a kiss on my mouth. Mom screamed. Then clapped her hands real fast.

Dad said Oh my God it's like watching gay porn. Everyone just stopped to look like WTF dad watches gay porn... What?

On Discord & Naked - Story Time Blog


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