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two brothers sitting on a bed posing for this photo

Daniel my older brother was having a really hard time with his divorce. Sadly an issue that runs in our family. I too got divorced three years ago. While I too have attempted to date it is just not working. Either I am too pushy or not groping them enough.

There is no way to please females and at any moment they can make you life hell. I have pretty much given up. Unlike my brother I realize I could go without doing it ever again for the rest of my life. It's called celibacy and I hate it. I was not prepared to be alone at my age.

Then yesterday I get a call from my Nephew in college worried about his dad. We talked for several minutes. I promised I would go see him. Then my brother Daniel calls and says this...

Daniel - Joe do you remember when we were sixteen. We were down by the creek catching crawdads, and Jimmy Duncan, let you and I take turns making out with him?

Joe - That was not making out and we swore never to talk about that again bro.

Daniel - Well I ran into Jimmy at Home Depot, in the men's room and he is still gay. He is coming over tonight and he said I should ask you to join us.

He said wants to take what we did at the creek and do it again. He seems to think he is much better at these days. After what happen at Home Depot I would agree.

Joe - So, what 6:30 - 7:00 ?

Oh Brother - Story Time Blog


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