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To here them tell it sounds so much better. Please be clear I was in college and no one tells me anything. Weird because I still have to account for every penny and grade I get. My forty-five year old father is a PRN which means he is a nurse that can prescribe medication. My mother is one two. Since my senior year in high school they travel to where they are most needed for the most money.

The plan worked in theory, but what happened was mom met a doctor she liked better than dad. Even though he was way shorter. Who does that?

Dad has been single for two years, I am off at college, and my poor dad is letting depression set in. He has given up on dating, and a workaholic. his is dealing with major burn out. They are healthcare providers. His boss makes him take a two week vacation. Dad decides he was going to paint his living room, and he falls of a ladder and hurts his back. Now he is off for two months and needs help doing stuff.

Enter his boss Hot Lips Charlie. He too is a RPN and the owner of the company my dad and mother work for. He volunteers to take care of my dad in a time of need. It is his fault he is on vacation. In addition for whatever he can bill the insurance company. He almosts moves in. Breakfast lunch and dinner, bath and bedtime. When under the right medications a desperate person might say yes to anything.

There is a reason Dad's boss got the name Hot Lips Charlie in the Navy. My dad being depressed venerable and in need of relief. It was an accident waiting to happen that was made obvious at bath time. Dad said go for not expecting to get his wife, but he got Hot Lips Charlie. My father freaked. He said once I open the door to gay stuff and got that response, it was like what else have I been missing. It was an anaragment that turned into love. Who does that? Straight forty-five years and slip of the hand and a go with hot lips and he changes his orientation.

How my dad could be attached to a man ten years older them himself was just weird to comprehend. Charlie was the wife that wore the pants in the family. My dad was the husband but liked having a daddy wife in charge. My dad was a stud with zero actual responsibilities. They would agree and or Charlie would just take care of it.

My mom tells me at Christmas, she likes short guys with big hearts and large wallets and to get a job so her and dad don't have to pay for my stuff.

Dad said he Charlie was there for him when he needed someone. You share a level of trust with a person, stuff happens and the world is a better place, it changes your perspective about being gay, about everything.

I have decided to try everything with multiple people twice, because everyone deserves a second chance.

Occupational Therapy - Story Time Blog


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