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We were not really roommates.

We met through work.

He needed a place to stay.

It is a one bedroom apartment.

My bed is taken thank you.

So this is him on my couch.

This is where we watch TV.

Normally football games.

Occasionally eat dinner.

A HBO series or a movie.

Get high and get goofy.

Joke about stupid stuff.

Until last night.

We watch the move Bros.

You were the bodybuilder.

I was the nerdy blogger.

Then we did gay stuff.

After it ended.

I took this picture the day he moved in.

I posted in my blog three months ago.

New roommate what do you think?

Is he gay was the most asked question .

Does he know you are gay was number two.

I replied today with another post.

Now our one bedroom.

As of last night.

He said I helped him out.

Of a really dark closet.

My kindness in a time of need.

He said he fell in love with me.

Not Really Roommates - Story Time Blog


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