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As a jock all my life community showers was not a big deal. I get to college and let's just say the variety of type of guys you end up in the shower with changes dramatically. The fact that they are not all there to just take a shower was freaking me out. Some guys like to watch and I was starting to take it personally.  So I start working out before classes instead of after. I am in the shower every morning at 5:45 with this guy.  Who seemed rather weirded out by me showing up. He too must like his privacy I thought.

He checked me and and then looked away. After week of showering together he finally spoke. He pointed out I was way too happy to see him this morning. He walked over and offer to do something about that. Next thing you know I had fooled around with a guy and liked it. I was so confused first because I let it happen, I was not awake enough, I was extremely in need of relief, and because it was hot and I enjoyed it too much. It was way better than my normal awesome, and an offer I couldn't say no too.

Needless to say the next morning in the shower was a little weird. We were both happy to see each other after two minutes of casual conversation. His name is Chris, he is gay and out of the closet, but understands I am straight and let's say lonely. He has no problem if I want to do it again. No strings , no catches, no commitment. So it just became something I did with him every morning. For three months I had this little secret that change my perspective on a lot of things.

First of all not all gay dudes were girly, Chris wasn't a football jock but he worked out, he was running early in the mornings. My whole need to meet girls and try to get laid was not really a thing any more. It just was not as important. Too messy, and to pretend to like a girl to get her to fool around seamed immature. I tell myself I should be looking for a wife, not a one night stand. That was covered for now. I had a logical reason that made all of this perfectly normal.

Then Chris did not return from Christmas vacation. His room was empty, and he was no longer enrolled. Taking a shower was a bit depressing, and had me freaking out a bit. A gay dude and I have an extremely one sided relationship and I was missing it. For a month I actually tried to find a chick that wanted to hook up for sex and that was it. I got slapped twice. I must admit I was not getting any love, after months of getting it as a normal everyday thing.  I wanted my new normal back. I took the major step of going to the one and only gay bar on campus.

My fear was running into someone I knew the would out me at the dorms, or my to friends. The drag queen that locked onto my arm said she was giving me a tour of the bar. The front room was standing room only around tiny cocktail tables, and a long bar with twenty bar stools of gay guys checking me out as I walk by. The dance floor was next which was loud and I recognized two bodybuilders on the floor from the gym I go to. We get to the back bar which is another room and not as loud.

There serving drinks behind the bar was Chris my shower buddy. I have no understanding of why I just starting eyes got watery I was so happy to see him. We made eye contact and he flew over the bar and leaped into my arms. We just started kissing and making out for the first time. I left that bar gay and with my boyfriend. Chris had got promoted to bartender and was making too much money. He cut his class load in half and everything was on line. He said he loved me but refused to be a stalker. He had promised no commitment. He was hoping I was not straight and would find him and that what we had were doing was us starting to fall in love. 

Chris had gotten an apartment off campus, we went back to his place and confirmed the fact I am in love with this man. Gay love is the best thing on the planet for normal gay guys like us. While I will always love the way we met and how we got to this place. Sex is not what we were looking for after all. A huge bonas but we were looking for someone to love and finally found it.


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