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AI ARTWORK Michelangelo

It was in fact 2024

Boys will be boys was more possible than ever.

It was just past midnight at on campus housing.

That's was when some boys come out of hiding.

As some of us call it a self imposed closet.

An a open door but lights off policy.

Only if you are interested.

For something to do after we all had been told.

That this behavior needs to stop, immediately.

The christian committee is lodging complaints.

Michelangelo is just gay with nothing to hind.

Walking around looking for tonights boyfriend.

It was a long weekend after all.

My name is William, I go by Will.

I am normally less than willing my lights is still on.

I have played this game of straight guy seduction.

Twice with limited participation in two months.

Michelangelo would like to give it another go.

They say the third time's the charm.

I must admit I find it hard to argue.

Against what feels good, and usery.

I thought that this qualified as less than gay.

Boys just being boys in a time of need.

Pretend I am your girlfriend he suggested.

As we took things to a whole new level.

All weekend.

Michelangelo - Story Time Blog


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