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Longevity - Story Time Blog

I go for a swim and lose my trunks. A lifeguard was able to loan me a pair. Then gave me his number to return them. Then he suggested I could buy him a beer. Across the street in say thirty minutes. I am at a hotel two blocks down from the beach. I leave to go grab a pair of my shorts to put on. I take his shorts off and roll them up. Tiny, so they fit in my pocket. I walk back down to the bar. He shows up ten minutes later.

Guy lost his trunks in the ocean.

Surprised to see. He smiles and laughs. Bro you are hot, but I got to tell you. You look so much better with your clothes off.

Out of all the lifeguards on the beach I drew the gay one.

Have you seen yourself naked? That will scare most straight guys away.

I suggested a shot and he said. My turn. He flags down the bartender.

What he does not know about me. Yesterday I got told to leave. By my long-time female squeeze. Three years and everything packed in a suitcase and the truck of my car. I had been replaced by someone she liked bigger. But I meant to say she liked it better.

This was me starting over. Trying some different because I have nothing to lose. We do the shot, swallow, exhale, I grow some and say...

I left your shorts back at my hotel. You want to walk down to get them.

He likes the suggestion. He had no idea until weeks later. That was my first time with a guy and his shorts were in my pocket the whole time.

I explain I fell in love with him. I could not resist him. Love can make you gay I guess or at least make you see, feel, think, and taste the rainbow. I am in fact forever his as he is mine. I cannot see myself happier except due to the longevity of love.

Longevity - Story Time Blog


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