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Kissing Gay cousins

It was a scandal, how do you explain it to people.

The boys fathers were brothers.

Kissing cousins, and in love with each other.

They grew up together, always best friends,

Pete was a year older, Parker a spoiled brat

That had a protector in Pete.

Both mothers were going insane.

The dads not so much it seems.

Rumor has it the brothers, their dads.

They loved each other as brothers.

Before they loved girls.

The boys are in fact two gay guys.

Besides no one is making babies.

So why does it matter again?

Because the mother's of both boys are curious.

If the brothers the fathers their husbands are still doing it.

Or somehow the dads arranged this to happen.

Between their sons the gay cousins.

The fathers say let it go, let's move on.

They are gay, they are happy.

They were meant for each other.

And boy do they smile.

Kissing Cousins - Story Time Blog


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