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Dave was twenty seven and one of my best workers. He started about two years ago. One of the last single guys on the crew. He has the whitest butt on the crew, and everyone would give him a bad time about keeping his pants pulled up. Blinding light due the the reflection of the sun. We can't work Dave is cracking us up too much.

On Fridays I hand out paychecks for the week before at a Local bar called Tumble Inn. If you don't pick them up at the bar, you can pick it up at the office on Monday. All eleven guys show up to cash their checks and party. The bartender Jilly has been a friend of mind for years. She was at my wedding twelve years ago, and served me drinks through my divorce. She gets the credit for getting me off of Jack Daniels and I am now drinking Scotch.

We stopped working a bit before five, and the guys wives start showing up by five thirty to grab their money. Everyone on the crew is gone by seven and home eating dinner with kids. Jilly, I are talking at the end of the bar. Dave is playing pool alone in the corner. As I watch his shorts get lower and lower. He pulls them up and they slow start to fall back down. I walk over to Dave take off my belt and hand it to him.

He laughs. Says no thank you can't you see I am trying to get laid here. I suggest he will only get gay guys like that. He replies I know that's the point. I was on my fifth scotch I had a buzz. WTF was all I could come up with. I whispered quietly You're gay?

He looked at me like I was stupid. Then said Sorry boss I thought you knew. He takes the belt from my hand and starts to put it on. He continued to say I put on my application I did two years hard time. I was gay after the first year. I am cool with it. I just don't like gay bars, or gay guys that much. It's messed up but I figure it out.

Then Dave drops a bombshell, all this time I thought you were gay. I thought you liked looking at my butt. I am so sorry boss, but Jilly is the only girl you ever talk to. In a bar full of them. My head was spinning but not from the scotch. I said, I should go home while I can still drive. I will see you at work on Monday. Dave grabs my hand and asks if we are cool, and if he still has a job. I put him in a brief head lock and rubbed his buzzed head. We're good gay boy I am an equal opportunity employer.

I say goodnight to Jilly and head home with crazy ideas running through my head. By the time I was home I was thinking since the divorce of all of the changes I have made in the the last two years. Beside learning to do my own laundry and keep a house clean which was kind of gay if you think about it. I had stopped looking at all adult content. I was thirty-seven single and not even having sex with myself. I was not straight I was not anything. Except glad to finally pass out.

I get up and stop for coffee on the way to the office. Everyone was off on Saturday, and that was when I did paperwork. I stayed focused trying my best to not think about gay stuff. The way I said goodbye on the phone sounded gay. The way I crossed my legs that was gay. Real men don't use letter openers that is gay. I checked my watch to see if Jilly was on shift yet. This was making me crazy. The door opens and slight knock Hello boss I was just bring your belt back I figured you might be here.

I say thanks he could have waited until Monday. I have several. You should keep it.

He gets nervous and says I am sorry about what I said yesterday, a few too many beers. I have never hit on a guy before, and had no idea what I was doing. I was freaking a little I work with a bunch of guys. Sexual harassment at the workplace has never been an issue. I have never had a gay employee before. I am thinking to myself I got a bottle of scotch stashed where did I put that?  

Dave said, I guess I will see you Monday boss. As he heads out the door he drops his keys. He bends over to pick them up. His shorts fall to his ankles exposing everything. He freaks bending over to pull them back up. He turns to apologize. Sorry boss all my clothes are too big. I will go to the store and buy a belt right now.

I sit down at my desk, and say. Wait a minute hang on. It was it the left bottom drawer in the back. Let's have a drink and you tell me why you think I am gay. Dave sits down: Looks me in the eye and says It was mostly wishful thinking. I just can't hang with super gay dudes that act like girls. I like big strong dudes and you defiantly qualified. The fact you did not flirt with girls, and hearing about your divorce I just assumed it might be a possibility. Don't get all paranoid the only thing you and I have in common is we are both lonely.

He downs his drink which should have been sipped. He loses his breath for a second. Asking in loud whisper voice. What was that? He goes to stand and his pants fall down again. I am cracking up laughing at this point. Dave steps out of his shorts and then throws them at me. Saying don't laugh. Leaving himself standing naked in front of me feeling very self conscious. He smiles and asks for his shorts back.

As I pour another glass I ask. So what is the easiest way to find out if I am gay or not?

He said You could kiss me you will know right away.

I was skeptical. One kiss and I will know.

Dave said I am not talking a peck on the lips. I am talking tongues and everything your best kiss possible.

I figured I had nothing to lose at this point. Stand up walk over to Dave thinking I can do this. I am not gay this will prove it.

We separate mouths after about three minutes. I was gay and he was already naked. I dumped my desk over to clear what was on top of it computer monitor papers and all. We made gay love for the first time in our lives right there in my office and on top of my desk. We just sat on top and held each other afterwards in amassment of what just happen. Dave got emotional saying I had a lot of sex in jail, but never like that.

It was a first for both of us. We were both confused where the other wanted this to go. Dave smiles and says l will see you on Monday Boss? I told him he wasn't going to go home so fast. Plan on lunch and dinner with me. We have to decide what tell the crew on Monday. Which side on the bed you sleep on. How long we have to wait before we can do that again. He has the most awesome giggle. His head was spinning just like mine. We were two kids doing it for the first time.

I called my best friend Jilly and ask if she would go to the bar an hour before her shift and have lunch with me. She agreed. We left the office a mess and stopped at JCPenney and purchased 10 pair of shorts and two packs of sexy underwear and two belts. He changed his clothes in the truck and we walk in all smiles to meet Jilly. She gives Dave a high five and a hug saying thank you so much. Then I find out she thought I might be gay too and knew Dave had a crush on me. Jilly had suggested I loan him my belt. She also knew my wife cheated on me a lot behind my back. She saw the guy that told me about it after I punched him in the face. She said Now that I'm out of the closet and gay she thinks I am not as scary and promises to tell me what she thinks moving forward.

Monday Dave and I over sleep and I get a call from the office. Joe said boss the door to the office was unlocked and the place was trashed. Do you want me to call the cops? I say no just please clean it up I be there in ten minutes. They see Dave and I get out of the Truck and walk in together. They are looking at us and each other. Joe says You two did this. Let me guess you're like boyfriends now. He goes into a happy dance saying I knew you two were gay, I knew it. I knew it. I was so glad to be done for the day. The comments were getting a bit pervy for ten straight construction workers.

I will never understand how this happened. While I did not hate gay people I just though two gay guys was gross. I am now reminded I am gay every time I look at Dave. I flipped a switch in my brain. I find myself enjoying introducing Dave as my boyfriend. Watching a few people freaking, while most people could care less. Friday was payday as normal. Every employee and their families showed up to celebrate. Dave's brother, and his wife. Someone got a very inappropriate cake and everything.  

Jilly and I are at our end of the bar as she refills my scotch. She says now that we have agreed to no secret's and you are no longer scary I do have one more thing to tell you.

I said after the gay thing I am ready. What... Jilly reminds me the night the divorce became final I was at the bar drinking Jack Daniels. I said I know That was the night you drove me home and put me in bed. Jilly we have this conversation before. You save me from a DUI. I woke up the next day saying I was done with females, and you would only pour me scotch after that.

Jilly smiles takes my drink away and says. We have tried to have this conversation you never let me finish. What you don't remember is after I help you out of your clothes we had sex. I was the last person you had sex with before you swore off females forever.

I was freaking saying Jilly I don't remember any of that. She blamed it on the Jack Daniels, said I was having blacks outs. The reason she stop serving it to me. She said I took total advantage of you in your drunken state. This is all my fault I just needed you to know. 

Am I missing something were you afraid I would be upset you and I got drunk and did stuff. I don't remember it You are not the reason I swore off females. I don't understand what am I missing? She added Just that the 2 year old at my house you call your little buddy is definitely your son. 

I calmly asked for my drink back and I down it instead of sipping. I then excused my myself to use the restroom put my fist throw the wall above the urinal. I just started balling my eyes out of happiness. In the last week I found out I am gay, and someone to be gay with, and now a dad with my best friend. This has got to be the best week ever.  Light bulb goes off I come to my senses. I dry my eyes fix my hair wash the small blood from my knuckle. I tell Jilly I running to Circle K next door. I spent 100 bucks on lottery tickets.


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