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It was Awesome - Story Time Blog

Outside bike ride

Dad and my brother talked me into it.

It was in fact awesome.

For the first 75 yards.

Then a quick trip to the hospital.

Questions from the police how this happened.

Why was my dad in the woods?

With five high school teenagers.

Why were we naked?

Who brought the beer?

Questions from my mother about a divorce?

Questions from other parents, is dad a pervert?

The solution was simple no one was talked into it.

The five of us come out as gay.

We all claim under penalty of perjury.

Dad was teaching us how to act straight.

Like doing stupid things like this one.

Naked on a motorcycle after two beers.

Being around guys with no clothes on.

And NOT getting all turned on.

By the following year our numbers had drop.

My dad was applauded for all of his efforts.

For saving three out of five.

A was a little weird just ask my father.

That the only two left was me and my brother.

It was Awesome - Story Time Blog


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