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A.I Arywork 1of2dads two gay guys sitting facing the camera

Stan explains he was going to make this easy. He had discovered Perry's OnlyMen Page on the internet. Which will get him kicked out of the military if he reports it.  He is insisting they become boyfriends and do gay stuff together. Suggesting Perry should move into his house. He would like to start a OnlyMen page of his own with Perry's help.

What Stan did not know was Perry sent him a link from a burner phone knowing Stan would click on it. Stan became RUStrange2 within minutes. Perry says sounds like an awesome idea. I am up for being blackmailed by you. They are meeting at Stan's house that night, seven o'clock.

T-shirts and shorts, Perry's were Rainbow. Stan's were the American flag. Both men extremely nervous. They crack open beers, and start to flirt. A few point of interest. Both young men are virgins. Both are gay but only one was slight out about it on a website designed to make money off gay guys. In reality it was a setup that worked to get them where they are right now.

In love with each other. Finally they move in close enough to touch. After a brief make out session. The two of them get naked in seconds and headed for the bedroom. The following morning they did it again on film. A much shorter version of course. The boys report to work. Turn themself in and resign from their jobs.

Stan sells his condo and they move to five acer's in Idaho with horses. A big metal barn they call the Bunk House. It is a gay B & B fairly easy to find, if you know where to look on the Internet. An OnlyMan's Account will get you a big discount.

Internet Issues - Story Time Blog


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