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Greg turned 16 two weeks ago. Due to the age of consent he moving out of his parents house and into an apartment with his 20 year old boyfriend Kevin. They have been best friends for ten years. When Greg at age 14 asked for permission to be Kevin's date for Prom. Kevin was 18 at the time. Everyone found out they were more than just best friends. Parents put up walls in place to end the gay relationship.

It was 2020 and the boys were smarter than their parents. With the help of friends and conversation on social apps their parents had no clue about the two maintained contact everyday excerpt for two in the last two years. Money was collected and stashed.

Greg tells his parents at dinner tonight. Now that school is out for the summer he is moving in with Kevin, and his will be asking a court for his independence.

His dad said. There is no need for that. I talked to Kevin father yesterday and he told me to expect this. You mother and I are fine with it and want to help you both until you finish High School.

Greg wasn't they type to cry but he got a bit emotional. Whatsup with the change you guys?

Kevin's a good guy and had proven he loves you very much. We both know you love him.

Mother ?

He is a good influence on you. You talk like a twenty year old at sixteen. Just promise me you will take this independance a bit more seriously. I want you to know if it does work out you need to come back home.

Yes mom. Can I please be excused from the table?

Sure, go tell your boyfriend.

Independance - Story Time Blog


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