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I Finally Gotcha

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Mr. Miller yelled over the fence Busted. I finally gotcha. Do me a favor and have your dad call me. He has my number. If he don't call me by six tonight, expect me at your front door at seven. The boys assumed he took a picture of them making out while groping. Jack seemed to think his life was over, while his buddy Chance was still freaking about how participating in gay stuff was hot. He was surprised with himself for liking it as much as does.

Chance would like this to continue, he thinks talking to Mr. Miller together they can get him to delete the picture. So, they walk around the block and knock on his front door. Weird Jack thought to himself. Mr. Miller acted like he was expecting them. He asked Jack to introduce him to his hot friend. Telling them to have a seat on the couch.

Look around the room they start to realize Mr. Miller is gay. Yet him and his dad talk over the fence all the time. Dad considers him a friend. Jack finally asks Mr. Miller is that picture of your and your...?

Lover Mr. Miller suggested. Yes. He died ten years ago. We lived in California and I sold everything, retired, and bought this house nine years ago. Reminding Jack he cut his grass for a month before he got his own lawn mower and did it himself.

Chance brought up the picture and why would he want to get Jack in trouble by outing him to his parents.

He returns from the Kitchen with three beers and said great question. Handing them out he takes a seat in a recliner and explains the following.

I am a fifty year old retired lonely dirty single gay man. I have been watching Jack here scratching the door to come out of a closet for five years. He just too scared to do it alone, he would like to know if being gay worth it at this time of his life. Considering his dad's feelings on it.  There is that and he literally cannot stop thinking about doing gay stuff with you.

Jack stands and pours the half of his beer that was left down his throat. It was very sexy, and had quite the affect on Chance. Jack asks.

Can I have another Sir. He takes five large steps turns and asks if anyone else want's one. Both reply yes, he grabs three,. Walking back he ask. So tell me Sir. What does a fifty year old retired lonely dirty single gay man want me to do to keep that picture away from my father. It is not like we are actually gay, we just want to be, and it has been difficult to get there.

Your friendship to start with. I want you boys to relax and be your true selves at my house. You boys want to be boyfriends act like it. You have nothing to hide here.

The boys are looking at each other extremely confused. Mr. Millers offers direction. Sit next to each other as close as you can. Jack put your arm around him. Pretend your gay guys and in love. Jack cracked up. Mumbling no pretending here.

The boys are beaming looking into each others eyes. With smiles from ear to ear. Jack leans in and gives Chance a kiss on his lips. He pulls back to tell Chance that he would be out tomorrow if it was not for his dad. Jack cannot keep his hand off Chance as they go back to the making out and groping that started outside causing Mr. Miller to yell once again Gotcha.

The boys freak for a second realizing he was joking. Mr. Miller reminds Jack he has a bedroom overlooking his backyard . His parents will not be home for almost two hours. That is the only place you should be bring boys home to grope.

He tells the boys to get him to delete the video he took he is scheduling them for counseling sixty minutes on every Thursday after school 3 PM. he boys agree and stand to leave. Mr. Miller shacks Jack's hand. Boy's coming out is one thing parents cannot help you with. It's against the rules.

No one want's to be gay, we just are, and have to make the best life possible. It never easy, but it is extremely difficult for some of us. No parent want's us to be gay. To see us struggling and wait to have that conversation. That has to be your idea, when you are ready. If your not ready and they bring it up it could make things worse. It is not a choice to be gay but it is a choice to live that way publicly.

Jack's dad is cutting the grass. He stops to and approaches the fence to talk to Mr. Miller. The two men shake hands. Turns out they know each other very well. Mr. Miller is a Clinical Social Worker and though retired sees client's on the side for $200 per session of non taxable cash. An offer to shake hands again with two one hundred dollars bills this time was refused by Mr. Miller sing... "We are family"

Jacks dad is happy to report Jack is dropping hints daily. Testing for reactions to ideas and suggestions that includes Chance in everything. He and his wife are prepared for a boyfriend announcement. Jack and chase show up a week later at the front door with their arms around each other.

The two young men enter as to totally different people in just one week Dinner at Jack's at 6 pm and Dinner at Chance's house at 7:30pm They are both coming out tonight to their parents as boyfriends.

Mr. Miller asked what had changed from last week?

Jack said First we fell in love. Then I realized my dad will never hate me. I will always make him worry. The more we talk about stuff the better everyone is. The boys make it a group hug, thanking him for the conversation, and perspective.


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