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AI Artwork - - Hugs For Delivery - Story Time Blog

Marc was born gay and proud of it. He was a bag boy and an order puller for pick up orders at the local grocery story for three years during high school. He got to know all the customers and all the customers knew the GAY bag boy. He listen to what they liked and did not like. He had about twenty old guys that ask for him by name for help taking their groceries to their car. They would all tip, and he tell them I can't take tips just stick in my pocket please. Over fifty percent would give the young man a grope and say Thanks Marc.

At the end of high school while everyone was making plans for college or getting summer jobs. Marc without telling his parents, started Marc Delivers Services. He started telling all his regular customers that the would be quitting his job at the store after graduation. He has plans to start his own pick up and delivery business directly to their house. The seniors loved it they would have Marc save their Name and address and call them when it is up and running. By the time Marc turned in his two week notice he already had 35 weekly clients and 12 twice a week.

For just your basic pick up and delivery is a minimum five dollars, or 20 percent of the order. If he picks up 100 $ of B.B.Q. wings the delivery fee is 20 $ If it was 15 $ at McDonalds you owe 20 $ total. The price does not include tip. Sorry no booze or beer. Marc knew his mom and dad were going to freak. They were hoping their gay son could get into management at the store. He had an electric car and a fast charging station at home. His parent policy asked how many mile for work he put 100 a day. That triggered a rate increase. but he signed up for monitored driveling with would give him a discount.

His last day of work they throw a small party for him in the break room. He hand out business cards to all his co workers asking them to send him customers. Then he said I will be in here tomorrow He had five orders to pick up. Mrs. Miller wants hers no later than 9 am. He arrives at the store with a flat bed cart and four large different colored bins. He was able to fill all orders in under forty minutes. Now he just had to go pay for everything. He had a scanner the he could scan a receipt and turn it into a invoke for Big Boy Delivery Services. As a hot gay young man Marc was a hugger. Most lady's and a lot of old men

Marc was staying rather busy. He ability to combine trips to save money helped. Mrs. Miller could make it to check in on her mom and dad for three days. She paid Marc extra to go see what they needed pick it up and deliver it. He delivered nitroglycerin tablets to that might have save Mr. Harpers life. After a month he said down with his mom and dad to explain how thing were going. His average daily order was $778 delivery six days a week. Which was $4668 and For the first month per week $933.60. Marc's dad too a closer look and freaked out. His asked for an explanation.

Marc admitted to his parents he got a lot of tips at the store because he was gay. He even explained about the tips in the pocket groping. The whole idea was to tap into that. Now I had no excuse to say put the tip in my pocket. I just took the tip and started giving everyone a hug. A real hug, for the tip as a thank you. Then all the groping stopped. They did not need to they just got an awesome hug. I get return business because I make shopping easy, and they tip to help the nice guy who gives great hugs.

Marc's mom was in tears, feeling a little guilty for not loving the gay part of her son. His dad said.

There is a lesson in all of this. How we treat each other and and older people in our community. I want one of those hugs I could not be more proud of you. Dad get's the hug and drops a few tears himself. A market for kindness, for someone's attention and tapped into by a gay kid just wanting to be accepted for himself. I will love you if you will love me.

Dad - are you telling me that no one hits on the gay hot delivery boy?

Marc. - There is one guy that's a bit of a pervert. I going over to work that out right now. I be back about midnight.

AI Artwork - - Hugs For Delivery - Story Time Blog

Joe Martin is a regular customer that tips great and lately calls daily, little order and big tip. He is has a mind melt issue when alone with Marc. Joe is Marc's dad's age and divorced no kids.

Marc - Here is the Lg coffee and donuts you ordered Joe. Kitchen table as normal?

Joe - Yes please, I forgot you were dropping stuff off I would have put some shorts on. You have seen me in my underwear before?

Marc - So, Joe have you ever done gay stuff before?

Joe - Why ? No. I mean I don't have a problem with gay people. I was married, I don't. No never.

Marc - I want you to to put some pants on a take me to the gay bar. It is a restaurant too and I can go in with an adult for dinner. Here's the deal I have no clue what to expect and neither do you. We go together to protect each other.

Joe - There is no way. I work for the school district. There could be gay people I know there.

Marc grabs Joe by the privates telling him... Get a grip Joe you and I are as gay as it gets and we are going let others know we are one of them. Sop being the purvey straight dude, and be a real person looking for happiness. Go get dressed.

The two did go out to eat that night and were surprised to see over a hundred others looking for someone to spend time with. Then panic on Joe's face when someone recognizes him from work. Tim Carter a new PE instructor walks over gives Joe a hug burying his nose in Joe's neck and taking a whiff.

Tim - Joe Martin I have had a crush on you since the first of the year. You have no idea how happy I am to see you here. I am out to my family and friends but only out to a few people at work please no stress, we should do dinner.

Marc - You should join us we haven't ordered yet. My name is Marc, I have a delivery business and Joe and I came out to each other and I talked him into bring me here. We are both gay and virgins. Is it always this busy?

Tim sits next to Joe who cannot seem to stop staring at him. There is a ten year age difference. Tim explains the is a dinner crowed and every will go home and it will fill up with different people about 11 PM. He turns to Joe...

Tim - Seriously you are so hot and you have never done gay stuff? Joe, pick me. I get it this is scary as hell. Pick me please.

Marc stands and hand Tim his card. I drove Joe here can you make sure he has a ride home I am going to take off. Stand up Joe and give me a hug.

Joe stands and the two hug. Marc whispers Go for it Joe you deserve to be happy too. Marc exits realizing he is not alone. There are hundreds of gay people just like him close enough to touch. All this time he had no idea.

Marc hooked up with the gay community center and with the help of his dad they expand the business. Three eclectic cars and the best three huggers that applied.

Hugs For Delivery - Story Time Blog


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