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A I ART Homeless and Secrets

He had obviously just woke up. He was in the process of taking a leak when I came around the corner. He did not see me at first and then did a delayed double take saying. Oh crap. He said Sorry boss shook his junk and put it back in his boxers which did little to hide anything. He seemed really embarrassed. He sprinted over to grab a backpack and pulled out the same pair of jeans he had on yesterday. Carefully folded to remove wrinkles. I noticed the same ripped pocket and the same rip in his boxers exposing two inches of a slightly hairy butt cheek.

I said Kyle what the hell? When I hired you, you gave me an address. What happened? He explains that is his parents house, where he gets his mail. He can't live there anymore. He was staying at the bathhouse but he ran out of money until he gets paid next week. I asked the gay bath downtown? Yes Sir. I asked when the last time he ate. He said my mom makes me a lunch every couple days and I sneak by the house and pick it up after work. I give him a twenty and ask him to get us both breakfast at the fast food place on the corner. I wanted the #3 with a Lg Coffee.

This was an old 1960's hotel apartments in the 70's. Then being use by homeless people. We were turning into We were only keeping the frame and making a restaurant and Craft beer bar. A had a crew of twenty guys, ten of which were brand new due to the contract. Over breakfast Kyle explains he and his father drove a semi truck together for the last five years. He caught Kyle and another driver being gay together. He told him never to come home again and left him in Tennessee. It took him two weeks of hitch hiking and a lot of sex to make it back home. For months he lived at home and would go to the baths when his dad was in-between road trips. His dad hurt his back and can't work. So, he does not have a place to stay right now. It could be months before his dad goes back to work.

Everyone put in a very long and hard day but we make huge progress. Guy are packing up to go home. While Kyle is sweeping a spot in the corner. Everyone assumes he just cleaning up not for a place to crash. Because I am OCD about way too much. All day long I have been calculating what I was going to say. Every possible response, and the millions of possible futures due to what I am about to do.

Kyle, I would like to offer you a place to stay at my house, until you can get back on your feet. The only condition is I keep my personal life private and you have to agree to not let anyone know anything about my house, where I live, my friends or family. I was surprised at the resistance due to Thanks but that's just too much. Thanks again for breakfast. I said Grab your backpack, get in my truck.

Kyle asked. If anyone asks why he is there what does he say. I said no one is going to ask. Relax. In the ten minutes to my house we talked about my truck until I asked why don't you have gay friends? He said I am not that kind of gay guy. He said. Fooling around or doing gay stuff with truck drivers is different. You can't act gay at all. You can't act girly they will just beat your ass. You hook up on a radio, in a parking lot or a restroom. It's quick, over and move on. Then there are driver couples which are all drama and you avoid. You didn't know I did gay stuff did you? Hiding from my dad for five years I got good at it.

The garage door goes up, he likes the Jeep. Asks how many people live here?

I said Just me adding that is secret # 1. Let's go inside I will show you around.

Every time we looked at a room I got WTF. Kitchen family room formal living formal dining I point to my bedroom, as we head up stairs. I said you can crash in here. Kyle was getting a bit emotional I think. I suggested a shower, and use of the bathrobe on the back of the bathroom door. Explaining it should have soap and shampoo in the built in despisers. Bragging I did all the work myself.

He seemed impressed with all the spray jets, asking how long does it take for the water to get hot. He pushes the button before I can answer and feels for himself that it is instantly hot. In the next instant he was naked and get in and getting wet. Kyle stops and looks at me watching him.

I in that one instant with our eye contact I outed myself. He smiles suggesting

We would be saving water if we took one together.

I said Secret # 2 and got undressed.

Homeless & Secrets - Story Time Blog


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