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ai artwork 1of2dads homecomeing for a coeboy

Sam was getting restless Tom's truck should have been coming around that corner five minutes ago. Sam had turned the old garage into a one room one bath apartment. It has taken him over two months. Tom was in the reserves and got called away for 90 days.

The call to go to on a training mission. It was unexpected Tom had not ever been gone that long.

The boy's spend a week freaking out before getting drunk and coming out as lovers at the Tumble Inn restaurant bar, and poolhall. A goodbye party thrown by Tom's dad. Everyone was there.

I raised one redneck young man. How he became the wife in a gay relationship had me and everyone blown away. Let's just say Tom's dad is not thrilled with Sam and he is just barely speaking to his OMG homosexual son.

Julie the DJ announced on the speaker system the two hottest single men in the county just hooked up with each other. Then Tom takes off and the whole town watches Sam go a little nuts counting the days until Tom gets back.

Tom finally shows' up twenty minutes late, almost forget to put his truck in park. He get out picks Sam up and spins him around and go into a lip lock. Sam's mom is screaming Oh my Oh my stop go see the apartment. Tom pick's Sam up and carries him threw the door as a joke. Throws him on the bed. With Sam's parents in the doorway Ton takes a knee and pulls out a ring box.

Marry me Sam. Make me the happiest I have ever been. I will love you forever.

Sam smiles takes Tom's hand and forever Bro. Yes I will marry you.

The reason for being late was Tom had to stop and pick up the ring. It was a simple gold band that belonged to his mother his dad was holding for him. Tom's dad hug his son and said I want you to be happy, and to give me grandchildren. Tom promised to start working on that right away.

Homecoming for a Cowboy - Story Time Blog


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