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Internet pic of three dude on a beach
Internet pic of three dude on a beach

Officer Johnstone said the question was... Why the senior co captains of the wrestling team were naked on the beach with a sophomore student that identifies as gay. The three young men were separated and questioned.

Right - Joe 18 - We went just for a swim. Then the gay kid offered to show us something. Then you showed up.

Middle - Tony 16 - They talked me into taking my clothes off saying we were going swimming but they really wanted something else. They are just as gay as I am they were kissing each other.

Left- Robert 18 - The devil made me do it please don't tell my dad. The kid was doing something that only gay guys do. I mean he said he could but we did not believe him. He wanted to prove to us he could do it. We were just letting him practice. He was good at it. Joe and I just started making out. He's my best friend. He took my little sister to prom last year. He starts to panic.

My dad will kill me. You should lock me up. OMG I was making out we another boy. With Joe. That means I am gay and that means I am dead. Bro Sir my dad is X military and a republican please don't call him. Please I will do gay stuff now with all of you. Help me out here.

Everyone back in front. Now I need everyone looking at me. If you are straight raise your hand. If your gay raise your hand. If you want to have gay sex just to find out what it's like raise your other hand. The officer points to the camera he is wearing Note: This is all being recorded on my body cam. With all hands raised you are all under arrest for exposing yourself. All three boys freak covering themselves in response. Officer Johnstone cracks up laughing. He finally stops and turns the headlights off on his car.  He tells Joe and Robert to start making out again and for Tony to come talk to him. They did as instructed without any protest.

He suggests to Tony that he lets his friends come out of the closet alone without his help. Tony agrees and he could use a ride to the top of the hill he lives just two blocks off of Beacon St. He got dressed and grabbed his backpack. No one noticed he had taken the other two boys clothes. Or his phone in that hand hanging out the window with the camera on record. The two butt naked seniors going at it with each other. Wrestling team co captain Robert takes a knee as Tony and Officer Johnstone leave the beach. No one knew at the time three of them would be best friends for the rest of their lives.

Tony asks why is it so hard for some people to admit they love each other?

Officer Johnstone said I have no idea I had a boyfriend in sixth grade I just don't get it.

Helping Out - Story Time Blog


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