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AI ART Gay Like Him

Chester was the 19 year old surfer guy - from California

He was in fact pretty if you let yourself think about - that stuff.

For a boy nervous, slightly girly but not - on purpose.

Straight boys would flirt and think about it -  in private.

For me it was different - my insanity.

Guys like him make me gay, and think about - gay things.

I struggle with why me, ask myself - why him.

I don't get it, his lips, his eyes, that body or - his innocence.

I fall in love with the possibility of me with a guy - like - him.

Hello, Chester my name is Billy and this is - a warning.

I am in love with you already, please talk me - into something.

Love, marriage, children, just - not temporary

What are the chances Chester, for a guy - like - me.

Guys-Like-Him - Story Time Blog


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