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AI Art Go Gay and advocate

My parents were away and it was our chance to be gay.

Our chance to find out how gay guys like us love each other.

How good does it really feel and is it better then in the movies.

We have never been together and gotten completely naked.

Taking a shower to get up close and personal.

It has been lap dances with our clothes on.

Making out in restroom stalls.

Quick moments in utility closets.

Nine pm and Uber to the airport leaves.

We are naked by nine fifteen.

For the next twelve hours numerous variations.

Of the many way two gay men can pleasure each other.

Until we pass out for about seven hours.

Just to start over the next afternoon.

There was still one gay thing we had not tried.

I will go first spoken in unison and led to a toss of a coin.

They watch a video one last time for pointers.

They are convinced It only hurts at first and nobody dies.

The two young men finally make love to each other.

For almost another twenty four hours.

Over and over again it was the freedom to do gay stuff.

Or a several applicable four letter words would work too.

There was no going back, only coming out it was no longer a choice.

Dealing with the consequences of loving someone.

A safe place to be ourselves with the one we love.

That is never too much to demand.

Go gay and advocate for gay stuff like love.

Go Gay and Advocate - Story Time Blog


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