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AI Artwork Gay Stuff and Water

My wife is trying to convince me that my son and Fred from across the street are doing gay stuff with each other. There is just no way. They are way too athletic, just because they don't have girlfriends does not mean they are gay.

Then I heard on CNN there was a national crisis that girls are waiting to get married until after college, and the male population is hurting.

Now I am starting to freak out that would be a reason to fool around with guys if that was all you could get.

I grow a pair and ask.

DAD -Mom says she thinks you two boys are having gay sex. Are you?

MATT - Hell yes dad. So would you if you were into dudes. Just look at that butt.

I fainted right there in the kitchen. I had to be dehydrated. I never faint.

2/8/24 Gay Stuff and Water - Story Time Blog


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