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Gay Hero on Campus

Story Time Blog -

He said I was too needy and gay.

We should not be friends anyway.

He likes hooking up and fooling around.

As long as no one finds out.

I can't come out or tell anyone.

That would be outing him too.

Now just two straight roommates.

With nothing in common that matters.

Then tragedy strikes on campus.

Anonymous gay bashing five against two.

One of them was me. One of them was you.

Video plays on all the news channels.

Young man defends self and friend.

You are the hero of all gay people on campus.

You out us both on National Television.

Before we could tell our parents anything.

You said. I am confused over the gay stuff.

I'm not sure how he talked me into it. 

We kind of just fell in love with each other.

Now I can't live without him.


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