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Clay taking the trash out.

One of my best friends Clay from high school moves back into his parents house. After ten years in the Marines. With his parents living in Florida permanently he makes the place his. There is about twelve of us left from our graduating class that still live here year round. My ex-wife and I were planning the ten year reunion and asked Clay to help. Despite our divorce our three children help keep things friendly. Despite the fact she and another friend from high school Peter had an affair, fell in love, and then asked for a divorced from both their spouses.

Clay who was extremely good looking and single at the age of 28. and seems very determined to stay that way. Making it clear he is not looking. No one is to think of setting him up with anyone. The rest of our group were all married with children with the exception of the Miller sisters. We all think they are lesbians but no one will ask them directly. They have twelve cats and their families money they seem perfectly happy being single.

We all meet at my ex-wife house with her husband Pete makes four of us to divide up the tasks. Location, was Clay and the High School Gym, and free.

Food and beverage, was me (Tim) because I have a restaurant.

Entertainment (music) was Pete he plays in a Jazz band.

Fun and Games. was my ex-wife and Pete's current wife Cindy because she is female.

A graduating class of 337 students and invitations by the Miller sisters.

217 confirmed reservations. Let the countdown begin.

Six people to a table and it was going to be a buffet. Clay had recreated the same Decorations adding laser beams columns of lights. It was all kind of magical for our tiny little school. Pete's band plays a awesome mix of Jazz styles. With everyone eating my wife is the MC on stage. She has the class officers come up and stand on stage. Behind the on the big Screen is the same picture, with them in the same positions, ten years earlier.

The fun and games continues to kings and queens and the other famous member of our class. Then she invites Pete, Clay and I on stage with her. She starts showing picture she took of her and I, Pete and I and Clay. Some from the year book.

Then for the longest five minutes of my life is a history of the four of us. Playing all in order the story of the four us. The problem is what they captured. I was chasing Cindy, Cindy was chasing Pete, Pete was just into music, pot, and sex with anyone. Clay was chasing me so it would seem. He was always touch me, hang on me. We were also cracking up a lot.

With Clay sitting right next to me I say, Sorry bro. My wife's snice of humor she is just messing with my head. Then the pictures switch to current of Clay I and Pete working on the event. She took pictures that make us looked friggin gay and I start to sweat. Clay attempts a rescue. Telling me....

You were the first guy I ever had a crush on. I was so in love with you back then I was an idiot. Cindy knew about it back then and she is messing with both of us. My parents don't know about me. I can't be outed like this. They are going to freak and despite the fact they are living in Florida they will know about this by tomorrow.

The slide show ends we wave and walk off stage. I get my staff to pack things up and I go home. Clay goes off on Cindy. Who goes off on Clay saying your parents already know.

I had no idea he and I never went there. Sometimes people are just mean at other people's expanse sadly. Weird Cindy my ex ending up with the bisexual, pot smoking musician. He got the girl he never wanted.

The staff of four employees had cleaned and packed everything up in the van. Clay had to stay until everyone had exited and the place was cleaned up. I did not get home until after 1 am and passed out with my clothes on. I wake up at seven a whole six hours later as I do everyday. The TV turns on to CNN and the coffee pot is also set to go off at 6:45. I hate sleeping in my clothes. It is like sleep doesn't count unless I am naked.

I jump in the shower and seven minutes later I am drying off. My cell phone goes off and it was a Florida area code. It was Clayton's mother. She explains, ten years ago Cindy told her Clay was gay and had a crush on me. That had a crush on her, and she wanted Pete. Clay's dad did not until this morning. Clayton called to tell him. It didn't go terrible but it was not great by any means. She is worried and wants me to go check on him. I asked how she got my number and her and Cindy talk all the time. She gave it to her this morning.

I said would check on him and call her back. I can run to their house in less than three minutes. I throw on some shorts and running shoes, then grab a cup of that coffee, and walk over to his house. I was almost there when I see him putting the trash can out by the curb.

He smiles, happy to see because he has news. I told my dad I am gay the morning who was not happy. As I expected. My dad expected me to get married, or do the full twenty years in the closet and retire. Mom's idea was gay Catholic boys become priests. All others people expectations. As of today I am out of the closet.

We go inside his house. There has been a dumpster outside that they empty weekly. He is not employed. He is just remodeling a house. I have never been inside a gay gays house. I was greeting by a ceramic replica of the statue of David on a glass table. He has a juice machine and mix his own healthy drinks, along with cheese cubes, grapes, and apple slices for breakfast sitting out on a cutting board. He replace the places the missing plastic bag, and washes his hands. He offers me a glass of something green and pink. Tasted like Strawberry banana.

Five minutes later after after explaining his mother called me and that conversation. I get start to get hyper and can't seem to sit still. He blames the drink and suggest we go for a run to work out the burst of energy I was getting. I was dressed for it. So he changes and we take off on a run not a jog. This was a flash back to us in high school. It was what made us friends back then. It was a competition , it was two miles and I was high on life. That adrenaline kick my heart was having a party in my chest and sending good things to my brain. Then I woke up.

I was laying on Clay's bed and he was on the phone calling for paramedics. I made him stop.

I am not a bodybuilder marine, I am a dad of three kids that jogs daily but never runs like that and extremely embarrassed. Still slight dizzy Clay caught me before I hit the ground. Threw me over his shoulder and ran back home. He was panicked and slightly exhausted himself and lays down next to me.

We have a conversation that my ex wife mother of my children in collusion with Clay's mother and are trying to hook us up. I being the straight guy in this hook up was the problem. I explain back in high school I had this plan Cindy and I would get married and have kids. It worked for the first five years. I never in my life thought or pictured myself with a guy. It just was not a possibility Ii never went there because I am straight.

So I understand gay was never an option for consideration? I am not asking you to be gay, I am asking you to give me a chance to love you back. It is about two best friends spending their lives having fun and making each other happy.

Not sure what part of his offer suddenly made me roll over and on top of him. Eye contact before our tongues would touch for the first time. We just start making out. After three very intense minutes we separate all smiles, hearts beating like after the run. It was three minutes that made it clear further consideration was most definitely needed. Wow

The choices we make are made with the knowledge we accept to be true at the time. Time educates and our knowledge changes. Every few hours a trip to the bedroom to learn and experience and new level of gay stuff. It took 24 hours before I was officially gay, and ready to explain this to my children. Which sadly my wife had already prepared them for. The theme being Dad deserves to be happy too and fell in love with his gay best friend.

I have a restaurant to run. I found go back to work the next day, in love with a man. It took about three days for everyone to adjust to seeing Clay and I together. With my ex-wife taking complete credit for dragging me out of the closet. One look at Clay and everyone know why I actually came out. I was straight, lost, lonely and fell in love with my very hot gay best friend from high school. Once that happens doing gay stuff is wonderful being gay is a fact you can't and don't want to change. I will do anything for Clay especially be gay.

Gay Best Friend - Story Time Blog


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