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AI ART 1of2dads White T Shirt

Once he figured out I was following him he stopped.

The kid in the white t-shirt.

Waited for me to catch up.

I said ...Thanks for sticking up for me back there.

He replied... No problem.

But you are going to get your butt kicked.

You need to learn to take care of yourself better.

Can you teach me, to be like you?

To scare people away.

So, they don't mess with me.

How old are you dude?

I say 16 I'm Glen and just small for my age.

I will be 17 next week my name is Chester.

I was suspended in ninth grade.

Held back for a year.

What the hell for? I asked

Slightly afraid of the answer.

A kid found out I was gay.

I kicked him so hard in the groin.

He lost a testical.

Wait. Are you saying you are gay too?

What I am saying is you are too cute.

What you really need is a boyfriend.

I happen to be available, if you are interested.

Right now, here outside.

In front of everybody.

Can you hug me tight and kiss me on my mouth.

I would be happy to Glen.

After that we went to my house.

My bedroom and got gay.

Came out to my two working parents

When they got home at six thirty.

He stayed for dinner.

My parents were totally impressed.

Met his parents at eight pm.

They already knew about him.

His mom got all teary eyed

When he said.

I want you to meet my boyfriend Glen. 

His parents said he could spend the night.

I told them you would be fine with it.

We both waited for what seemed to before ever.

To love someone out in the open.

Follow You Back - Story Time Blog


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