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Every Night for the Rest of Our Lives

Story Time Blog -

Rusty and I are 69 percent gay and roommates but no one know that but us. Rusty won't even talk about it. There are just a few gay things we are willing to do with each other. We had come to an arrangement when Rusty goes to bed and leaves the door open he would like me to join him.

He is always naked removing clothes would wake him up. Because he pretends to be asleep until he can't pretend. Involuntary responses to stimulation will get you every time. He is five feet ten inches of skinny muscle. I sleep better on top of him then I do on my mattress.

I was being used by my cute roommate as means for survival. He was lonely and looking for something. Unable to find it he quit looking and has me to fill in for him. I decided to quit my current position I have held for the last six months and his stand by in waiting.

Three days in a row Rusty has come home he drinks three beers. Does homework, might play a video game. In bed naked light off 10 PM. I don't join him. He get home today I am watching TV in a jock strap from high school that may now be too small.

He says Bro what's up with the jock strap. He paused realizing this was the first time he saw me this naked. I always have a t-shirt and shorts on or the lights are off. He offers me a beer. I say open it.

He does and passes it. He asks: Are you mad at me for something. You have not joined me for a long time bro.

Oh you want to fool around do some gay stuff do you? He hates talking about doing gay stuff.

You like it too he replies in a whisper.

I said Rusty I am done pretending. As of today you're officially my wife. I want you naked and facedown in that bed with a jar of Vaseline in your hand. He was frozen is disbelief this was not happening.

I stand and walk over and whisper in his ear. You do this now and I will do this with you every night for the rest of our lives. Go for it boyfriend I won't make this offer again.

He gets a slight smile and runs to the bedroom. It is so much better with full participation. Rusty lets me twist into something special for my personal access. He came out to his parents on phone the following morning. Making us officially gay or officially a couple sure did change his attitude.

He said. I never have loved someone else out loud, I have never thought I would have this much sex in my life, or love it so much, I never thought I would come out as gay and never tell my parents I was. Love you of all people, just freaks me out. The fact you love me back, I have never been this happy.

I fell in love with him and I just wanted to make him happy. Love is awesome when it works.


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