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2024 The riots over President Biden winning a second term turned into a war. States like Texas and Florida were attempting to form their own countries.

Homosexuality was against the law in ten states. Wanted posters were going up for dead or alive gay guys just for being gay and doing gay stuff.

Jess and Rico had been on the run for month after escaping a gay labor camp. Pretending to be part of the new militia military they almost made it to California.

Then retired sheriff with a bunch of dynamite in Utah captured them both. He put them in cages, down in his basement. And left them alone for a while.

After twenty four hours he made them an offer the would like them to consider. In exchange for chores those domestic obligations that his late wife use to provide. He will let them live as boyfriends in his basement. Room, and board, in exchange for chores.

For three hours every morning Jess does the house work, the cooking, the cleaning and laundry for the three of them. Then he goes back to the basement.

Rico comes out for three hours to do the repairs to the house that are needed. Then the boys have the evening and night less some emergency, to live their own private gay lives With one small notable exception.

The sheriff likes to watch.


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