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Devours Me Whole

Story Time Blog -

I knew the what he wanted to happen.

He was naked and showing off.

In the bathroom across from my bedroom.

My big brothers best friend Ben.

Has turned him 100 percent gay.

Now he has his sight on me.

A gift for spring break.

He is pissed I am not responding.

Now is calling John my brother.

He closes the bathroom door to take a shower.

I closed my door, get back into bed.

Just to hear it open again.

John the big brother comes in my room ,

Asks'... What I am doing.

I respond I am trying to sleep.

He crawls onto my bed, up against the wall.

He says Ben really likes you a lot.

He wants you to try some gay stuff with us.

You are over sixteen so your old enough.

But only if you want to.

My back now toward the open door.

Ben now wrapped in a towel joins us.

I am trapped in the middle between them.

As they start to make out.

Including me as they both kiss on my neck.

Then with my big brother watching.

Ben takes control and over the next hour

Devours me whole. 

John would never forgive himself.

And neither did I.


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