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two bodybuilder boyfriends hugging

With all the creepy old dudes at the Gym. When Pete and Tony started working out together, they made a pact to protect each other. A year later both young men had grown up no more ways than just their bodies. They were ever hotter and being hit on even more.

Today their relationship took a turn. When sleazy John, a 45-year-old bodybuilder that is married was hitting on Pete to take a shower with him. Tony jumped in to end this finally. He puts his arms around Pete, pulls him close and said the following.

Hey, you frigging creep stay away from my boyfriend. Whispering to Tony play along. We are frigging exclusive old man. You and your creepy old friends leave us alone. He looks at Pete smiles and gives him a kiss that Pete felt all over his hot little body. Then Pete started kissing him back. Which was freaking Tony out. The boys separate looking at each other like where in the hell did that come from.

In unison they said Let us get out of here. Thank God Tony had an apartment close by. They could hardly stop making out the three-block drive. Their muscle worship of each other hot bodies had turned into love or a version of Gay lust that they only felt for each other. Pete told Tony in the car he wanted to do specific gay stuff I cannot say on the app. But in gay love terms he was making it clear Tony could be his top to Pete's bottom.

Weird how after they hooked up and came out as a couple everyone at the gym stopped hitting on them. Some might say the two of them coming out with a kiss right in front of Creepy John had a profound effect on him. A month later he and his bodybuilder wife got a divorce. He is just single and gay now, and surprisingly so much less creepy.

Creepy Old Dudes - Story Time Blog


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