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I was laying in my bed like every other student in the building at 2AM. Ben did not have a bed he had a recliner to help with his back. By the age of 15 he had three surgeries due to a fall off a cliff that should have killed him. Ben has explained how hundreds of good looking men helping him live, walk, and recover in a body cast has made him gay. It was fate that led him to this moment. He seems to think I can make me gay and fall in love with him by tomorrow morning if I would just let him.

My excuse is I would like to experience being a straight guy first. Despite what Ben says or his record. The fact I have scored (sorry mom) with two girls in four years of high school. That is not horrible. Not the time to right that off and go gay in my first year of college. Some guys left high school a virgin. The joke on campus is male freshman do not get laid unless they are gay. Even if that was true, this situation is just temporary. I can wait until next year to have sex with a girl.

Then he starts talking dirty about him and this orderly. There was no way I was going to sleep after that. He wants three minutes making out. If I am not gay by then he will go to bed. If I am we will make love and live happy ever after as gay guys.

My head is doing over time cellulating all the possible scenario's if I say yes. Then I tell myself even if I do like it I stop it and that would give me a taste and time to think about going gay or not. I could decide later. I say fine. After three minutes if I am not gay you go bed to your recliner.

He cheated. No one said anything about him getting naked first. I was prepared to make out with him. I assumed he would be a good kisser. Why in the world he crawled in and sit on my pillow was confusing. Picking me up arm pits he put the back of my head on top of his you know what. Twenty seconds into this and he pulls my legs over my head and buries his face in my butt. I was convinced I was gay less than sixty seconds later and told him to marry me and make me his wife.

My dad and Ben would joke about this for the next ten years. Both of them saying I was gay the minute I said yes to three minutes. My dad was fine with me being the wife to a guy guy. He loves Ben. This is me stating I had never a gay thought, never I saw myself as a gay guy. I wasn't checking out guys. Then I met my college roommate Ben. The first time we make eye contact I had my first gay thought. I think in that moment we somehow fell in love. it was like he knew immediately and I just had to be convinced.

Convinced - Story Time Blog


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