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Mom and dad sought counseling for their seventeen year old son. An older woman in her late forties with twenty years of experience. Four weeks ago Kenny was in a hoodie faze. He keeps to himself and has no friends. You never saw his face, and his hair was always a mess from having the hood on so much. After just a few weeks of therapy. Kenny asked his parents to give him five hundred dollars out of his savings account under their control for a makeover at the mall. They need to trust him on this.

Kenny had several colors hair. His last attempt was to give his dyed black hair blond tips and roots, it failed. Which was most of the reason for the seven hoodies. The real surprise was no one had ever seen Kenny without a shirt on. For the last nine months he has been working out in secret. Intensely. Following some famous dudes workout video and it work.

This guy at the mall cuts his hair and Kenny asks him to take a picture of his new look to post. He uses it on all he social apps and includes in a text to his mom and dad. He phone blows up with incoming texts, and a call It is his father.

Dad - Kenny what the hell your mother is on the floor praying. I thought she was having a heart attack. How did this happen? It's not really you? It's A.I. right?

Kenny - It's me dad, you should take care of mom.

Dad - Never interrupt your mother when she is praying, she talks to God to much. They are extremely close. She seems to have some pull.

Kenny - Ask her if I can invite my boyfriend to dinner? That should snap her out of it.

Dad - Are you mad at me or something. Why would you ask me to do that? Since when are you gay? I guess that does explain the hair.

Kenny - I have always been gay, I just met a guy worth coming out for.

Dad - Fine but call 911 if I can't come back to the phone for some reason. Mother Kenny wants to invite his boyfriend for dinner.

His mother get on the phone.... Excuse me God....

Mother - This boy is it tall boy with the car, I saw on Instagram or some person you met at a mall after exposing yourself.

Kenny - His name is James mom.

Mother - You know God does not care if you are gay. He don't care if you are a model. He does not want you having sex so other people can watch. He is listening answer your mother. Promise me you will never make a pornography movie.

Kenny - Yes mom I promise. He is Catholic they go to St. Joseph Husband of Mary.

Mother - Dinner is a seven can I tell my sister you found a nice Catholic boy?

Kenny - Not found, but I invited one to dinner. Wait until after you meet him, and then say a prayer it works out please.

Change Healthcare - Story Time Blog


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