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Casual Day at Work

Story Time Blog -

I had only starting working there three week ago. I was hired to get Daniel's Companies books. In order for divorce hearing. I am a CPA and was paid in advance for 500 hours of work due to possible bankruptcy. His wife has the house and he is living out of his office. For a private detective he had not had a client in months. He was forty, former FBI, former Cop, former military.

Could be because he sleeps with ladies. Trying to catch their husbands. Husband hire him to find if their wives. Are cheating on them. He sleeps with the wife to prove she cheats. The husband the client refuses to pay for Daniel's services. Or for having sex with his wife. A judge ruled he had to pay. So the client pays but tells Daniel's wife. Which is why his wife is asking for a divorce.

On my third day of work. I was asked to bail him out of jail.

Drunk and disorderly. I start work at 9:00 am I have a key and let myself in. I bring coffee for both of us. To my surprise he is awake by three minutes. Still on the couch slash bed in the bedroom office.

Still in his underwear with no effort to hide body parts. He was very grateful for the coffee . I exit to my office and close the door.

It was my fourth Monday and I was almost done. His business was busted. He was living off of dividend checks for socks that he got a long time ago from his father. I found over four thousand and change in unopened mail he assumed were bills or junk. Only a few are direct deposit. Daniel shows up in my office with questions from some idea he has stuck in his head. Without any warning he asks...

Daniel - Cory are you gay? You like guys right?

Cory - Where did that come from? What? Is it the hair? That I wear clean clothes? Seriously what gave it away?

Daniel - So you are gay, I knew it. It was all of the above combined plus you wear Knowing my wife wears it. I think that is why I gave you the interview. So, have you ever helped a straight guy go gay? Are you the least bit attracted to me?

Cory - Daniel this is a bit weird. I don't fool around with my clients. That is what you do.

Daniel - I get it. I am just suggesting I have the hots for you. I have never done gay stuff before. You are the only gay guy I know. My bedroom is next door, and if it goes as great as I think it well. We fall in love and I won't be your boss I will your boyfriend and future husband.

Cory - Why the rush to try gay?

Daniel - Girls don't work anymore. I have lost all attraction to them. They only get me in trouble, and cost me money. I have zero interest in females. I want you.

Cory - Sound hots, Go make up your bed up and brush your teeth. I can take a break in ten minutes.


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