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Camp Donald Investi-gay-tion

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Lewis and Sam met on a gay online dating app called They liked the ability to have video conversations while naked. Finally they met in person and have been a couple ever since. While both men say they had no gay behaviors prior to arriving at Camp Donald. Lewis blames the Water. Sam just says it's the atmosphere. Everyone works out, we all check each other out. If you like what you see, things are going to happen. No one is afraid to do gay stuff here.

The investigation was about the water at Camp Donald. The rumor on base was don't drink the water it will make you gay. This all stems from a secure base survey about ratio of Straight to Gay men on the base was 69 percent gay no pun intended. The average in 2021 was 10 percent.

Due to some unknown reason young men move to camp Donald were coming out as gay months after arriving here. The only explanation was the freedom to take part. Gay men were the majority. No one care, people just assumed. The totally straight men on base were fine with it or had transferred.

Note for the Integrity of the investigation all of us have not ingested or bathed any water from Camp Donald. At the end of this interview this reporter was invited back to Sam's and Lewis's residence where some borderline gay behaviors may have happen. These will be documented in detail and upload as part of my report. In addition: we all seemed to agree we have yet to see an ugly person on this base. A possible shipment of 20 ugly people to observe and study is under consideration.


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