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Butt Pic Story

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It's Christmas and we are looking at pictures of our mom and dad at our age. They paid some company to make them all digital. The we hit on this pic my grandfather took of my dad.

Tell me he is NOT poking his butt in the air?

It was a friendly discussion for twenty minutes. Then my mom called grandpa and asked. Grandpa said yes he was. But he was also on a waterbed and his weight was on his chest.

Then Grandma got on the phone and said the picture hung in grandpa's workshop out in the garage until ten years we moved. He would make copies and give them to his Navy buddies.

They paid me for it Grandpa yells into the phone. 5 bucks was a lot back then. He had a bubble butt and the jock strap made it even better.

Grandma says there was a year my dad refused to wear underwear and would only wear a jockstrap.

Then the next slide is dad in college no jockstrap.  My mom and dad are rolling on the floor laughing. Mom was the one that took it.

It then occurs to me that I lost my cell phone for a month for a picture I took at fifteen. God I hope that's not on here.


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