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two young men meet for the first time and fall in love.

While my big brother Hank attended College in Washington DC and got a great education the Catholic University was not the best for social engagement. My brother would complain that fifty percent of the students were gay and in the closet for religious reasons. All the young ladies were practicing for to be nuns. In the almost six years he has been lucky five times. He got more action in high school. His biggest issue catholic girls want to wait and get married first. That was not happening.

I was attending the U of I and dating a hottie from Chicago. Janet and I had been bumping into it for two years. I could see us married with children. We got a two bedroom slightly off campus and then her parents threw us a loop the want her freshman brother Tim to live with us. They think it will help keep him out of trouble. As we start our third year in college with a roommate, to babysit. Janet's parents were paying their share of the rent. Then they offered to pay my share too.

Between me working part-time at a bookstore, school, and Janet no one really spends tons of time together except on weekends. It was the start of winter break and freezing outside. My brother Hank is in the process of moving back home. He is staying at my parents’ house. He calls this morning hoping for an excuse to get away from them. I say come over and hang out.

I am sitting in a recliner drinking a cup coffee with CNN on in the background while I scan through my cell phone. Hank is bitching about our mother and her effort it gets him married off. Tim shows up in his underwear, sees my brother and runs to put shorts on. My brother, being the nerd that he is spills his coffee down the front of his shirt. Janet says take if off she throws it in the washer. With all of us now back in the living room Tim gets a formal introduction to Hank. I swear I saw rainbows go off.

My 26-year-old brother and Janet's 19-year-old brother are getting gayer by the second. The more they talk to each other the more it turns into flirting. It was like Janet, and I were not even in the room. I love my brother. I see what is happening. I take Janet by the hand, and we go back to bed. We leave the two of them alone to see what happens. Two hours later we came out of our bedroom, to find my brother’s shorts on the floor in front of the couch and they were in Tim's bedroom with the door closed.

Janet's parents make plans to join my parents for Christmas. Christmas we are all together both sets of parents and the four of us kids opening gifts. Then Tim hands everyone an envelope with a Christmas card with the above picture inside of the first day they met. which was only last week. It simply stated the following.

We are gay.

We are in love.

We are boyfriends.

Wish us luck.

It is about love.

Merry Christmas.

Your gay sons Tim and Hank.

The next 90 minutes were a bit insane. My mom and dad blamed me for some strange reason. Time enough for our parents to become friends and gang up on their kids trying to be adults. By dinner time we were celebrating. When you think about it, we were both couples and taking care of each other. Should mean less worrying. When the parents realize if one kid does not answer or return a phone call, they have three others right there to go to.

The four of us lived to gather for three years. Janet finally got pregnant, and we got our own house. While our gay brothers were living happily ever after in a high-rise condominium downtown. I will end this story time with this thought. When two guys meet for the first-time watch for rainbows. I swear I saw them it was some kind of magic gay love crap.

Brother Brother - Story Time Blog


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