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AI Art Best Buds

It was not a one sided anything. Henry was straight and I was gay. It was as simple as I got to practice. He got to benefit and we could be and would be best buds.

I said do treat me like I am your little brother.

I don't get it I don't have a brother. he would reply.

We were best buds in a lot of ways. Alone with each other. Just not in public in front of other people that know us.

I am and was only gay to give him pleasure, no one else. It is exclusive until he gets a girlfriend. But he's not looking. A couple months as this kind of couple. Every night, just the way he likes. We each have our limitations with the arrangement. Anything more requires boyfriend status. He will never go there.

One way I push his buttons is when I call him boyfriend.

He replies with attitude My roommate with the privilege to... I interrupt

I say don't say that your going make me mad. I draw a line get up and walk a way.

He comes after me Awe come on buddy. I am sorry. As he corners me next to the bathroom. He is naked and gets all romantic. Okay, that's it no more games. I score a kisses on my lips. A first and scary I cannot believe this is real. My brain is screaming wake up wake up. His one arm around my back. His hand holding the back of my head. His tongue search for mine. My heart is busting out of my chest. I search for working brain cells my head still spinning. We separate. I listen.

I'm gay, I'm gay I want be boyfriends. We can go all the way and sleep together in bed if you want. I will spend the next two months doing what ever you want. Every night just the way you like it. Come out of the closet, forever just to be gay lovers together. You got me. I love you. You are perfect the guy I am looking for. Let's go to bed and do gay stuff, make love, right now, please boyfriend. Then we did.

Best Buds - Story Time Blog


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