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At Old and Ugly

Story Time Blog -

Old and ugly I think to myself.

Do not let it mess with your head.

Nothing works like it is supposed to, or use to.

Due to my age and being so close to death.

I am not afraid of death or whatever comes after.

It is the time between now and then.

That is what matters.

Who will I hold and who will hold me.

It is about touching between two people.

One that is way too old and ugly.

One can't be picky at all.

That makes me easy, I guess I have to be.

I have been known to offer payment.

To the homeless, hungry, alcoholic.

Men paid to pretend.

It's all good no one gets hurt.

Just two people touching.

Screaming this is me I am still alive.

Despite the old and ugly on the outside.

My love has only gotten greater on the inside.

I rather die than be old and alone.

With nobody to love that is just not life.


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