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AI ART Anonymous

Reggie was turning seventeen in a few days.

He wanted a change.

He had been doing a grunge look for a year.

He seemed to think and feel.

He was anonymous and no one saw him.

He had long hair he had dyed black.

Two days ago he dyed it blond.

Then yesterday he got it all cut off.

Got some clothes that were not black in color.

His mom cried when she saw him.

His dad didn't recognize him at first.

Over dinner a conversation.

What in the world.

We love the improvement.

Reggie explained nervously.

There is a guy at school that likes immensely.

He was planning to come out of the closet.

And kiss him tomorrow.

His mom looked at his dad.

Dad looked at his wife and say the following.

It is a major change to come out as gay.

So when do we get to meet this new boyfriend?

Reggie says with a tear in his eyes.

You are the best parents ever.

Let's first see if he kisses me back.

Dad replies with a fist bump.

You got this, invite him to dinner.

Mom said. It's got to be love.

You never been this motivated to change anything.

Twenty four hours later, Reggie had a boyfriend.

Meeting his parents for the first time over dinner.

Gay can be an improvement.

Change can be good.

Anonymous - Story Time Blog


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