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AI ART  After that picture

Senior Class Sunrise Ceremony was the occasion.

I took the picture for the school newspaper.

It was not the first time you looked at me.

But possibly the first time you saw me.

First time you spoke to me in four years.

Weird that you knew my name.

Sweet that you ask to see it.

I said. You were the hottest guy out here.

You said. Thanks, and can you text me a copy of it.

It got me your phone number.

And two days later.

We started texting after I sent it.

You told me your secret.

Asked about coming out.

Asked if I was interested.

In fooling around so you could check gay out.

I would use that as an excuse.

To fall in love with you immediately.

Which made fooling around even better.

Then you fell in love with me.

Saying someone had to come out first.

I didn't know how to do that part.

I love you for helping me out.

Being in a closet is so not worth it.

Weeks later we meet each others parents.

As the others person boyfriend.

Weird when you think about it.

Taking a picture made all that possible.

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After That Picture - Story Time Blog


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