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A Nightly Game

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Jordan and Me as college freshmen

College freshman roommates nightly game of truth or dare. Every night one question or one dare. Jordan idea as a way of getting to know each other. Jordan has a every other time policy truth dare truth dare. Game rules say nine truths to 1 dare. I am at # ten have no choice to take a dare from Jordan.

Mouth on mouth kiss for two minutes.

I knew a week ago this was where it was heading. I delayed it as long as possible. Time was up. Jordan was hot. My concern is I might like it too much. I have never done anything with a guy before. I have met a few guys I thought yeah I might be able to go there. It just never happened.

I set an alarm we remove t-shirts for some unknown reason. He is way too excited and showing it. Yet nothing has happened yet. Here goes my soul.

Two minutes later the sound of an alarm. Well I must say I was expecting rape and some form of yuk in heat. That was surprisingly hot. He was passionate, sexy and intense as we knew our time was ending. We separate as I fumble the alarm. We make eye contact a smile. I think we got the idea we are wasting time. Let's admit we want to check each other out and move on from. It was getting harder and harder to hide that we liked this. Finally I say truth or dare knowing it was time for a for Jordon to take a dare.

Dare. he smiles.

I stand get naked and show him the results of our kiss. Without out saying a word Jordan came out of the closet to do gay stuff with me. He went first will be a fact he will remind me for years. I am still confused how I went so long without loving someone. Now that I have Jordon and he has me. We cannot go without sex for 8 to 12 hours max. Weekends every six. Is it just because it is available? Because we are nineteen? A gay thing? He is really hot but weird cause he says that about me. Jordan was in the shower and his phone goes off. BJBF Alarm. set for every eight hours. I hit pause for ten minutes head to the kitchen. Jordan shows up ten minutes later and n the mood to play.


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