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Things just got a little complicated. My straight best friend Oscar who is now drunk enough to decide he is gay and in love with me after being friends all this time. He has gone almost two years without and now he knows why.I explain I am like I am not all the way out yet. This is not going to work out at all. I like my gay guys girly. There are gay things I don't do still. Pointing out Oscar has never done anything gay. This can't work.

Oscar pulls me down the alley getting me to make out with him for his first time with a guy. Telling me his first to make this kiss good. We start making out. He is freaking whispering, Damn this is so much hotter than I thought it would be. I love you so much. damn your hot.

I realize in the heat of making out my former straight best friend has unbuttoned my jeans. I got to admit five minutes later I am convinced he is way more gay than I have ever been. He has to love me to do that. How does that happen? Oscar would explain later he met a few of the guys I have dated. He knew what I was looking for in a boyfriend. He was comparing himself to the guys I dated. Over time he talked himself into becoming the gay I wanted.

I wanted shorter, butch in public, but a wife in bed. Someone that would watch a Cubs game with me and maybe my dad at some point. Oscar and dad were friends we had all seen five or six games together. The two block walk to get back to my apartment. Turned into a jog after the first block. We were like dogs in heat.

I am almost twenty-seven and a guy I gave up on years ago tells me he wants me. Me, to give him a chance. To be his first, and his last. He yells thanks for waiting for me to come out as we skip waiting for the elevator and race three floors up the steps.

In the five years I have been out and considering my very one sided and limited sex life. I don't understand why Oscar first time with me was the best sex ever. Was it five years of loving someone you could not have. That could not love you back. Today that all changed.

A Little Complicated - Story Time Blog


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