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A.I. Art 1of2 dads A Gay Heart

As two average young men graduating from different high schools in Nevada. Attending UNLV Culinary School in Las Vegas they were in the same classes every day. They both were living at the dorms, but on separate floors. they would meet on the ground floor food court, and test each other on drinks. Eric on the left was doing great on mixing, just too slow, adding no conversation, no entertainment. Clint had the personality, and great coordination, but his pouring was way off. The drinks did not taste right.

Today, was a bad day for both of them. It was Friday and their instructor singled them out in front of everyone in the class. To explain they were getting left behind. At the end of class they both leave depressed walking back to the dorm. Eric gets emotional for the first time in front of Clint. He seems to think this is too hard and he will never be able to do it. he is planning call his parents. Have a talk about him dropping out before he fails completely

Clint explains that is not an option. I need you to study with. He asks if Eric will walk to Von's and help carry the stuff back. Eric freaks because they are underage and buying enough booze to stock a bar. Clint finds a young female cashier, unbuttons his shirt, and gets in line. She sells them the alcohol and as their leaving Eric suggests.

You should have asked for all the cashin the register. She would have gave that too.

Clint explains his roommate is going back home to Reno for the weekend. They can practice pouring in his room. If we do not get better by Sunday you can call your parents. Bring all that boose upstairs did not go unnoticed. They found three volunteers to taste test the drinks. One drink was divided up into three so they were all tasting the same drink.

Three more guys joined the party and even contributed several more bottles. Two guys show up with plastic cocktail glasses. More booze, more mixes. Eric and Clint were serving drinks to twenty seven guys at one point. Most of the guys floor was drunk. Eric and Clint had a blast and were trying to clean up and put things back to normal. The bucket of ice was now water. They slide it down the hall and empty it in a shower.

Once back in the room Clint throws Eric a towel and said let's go take a shower. I feel sticky. Eric says I can just go up stairs, Clint throws him a pair of clean shorts to put on afterwards. Clint grabs a bag of shower bottles, and Eric's hand just to get him to stand up and to follow. The conversation down the hallway to the showers went like this.

So, are you shower shy with guys? Do you always shower alone when no one else is in there.

No, other guys shower at 6:30 in the morning. It just not like twenty guys all at once.

The young men get naked and take two showers next to each other. Clint gets the bottles out, as Eric gets wet. Clint show him the shampoo and asks if he has ever used it. Then pours some out onto his hand. Placing the bottle down starts washing Eric's hair.

What are you doing? Someone is going to see you doing this. Damn, that feels good.

Clint says his sister went to beauty college and does this for a living. She taught him how to do this. He rinses the soap out and applies conditioner. The boys wet bodies brush against each other. Eric gets emotional again and explains that he can't be doing this. He tries to rinse his own hair. Clint wraps his arms around him for a hug.

He says Stop. In a firm and commanding voice. Now deep breaths. Slower. In a clam whisper voice.

My moms says God gave me a gay heart. It makes me attracted to other guys. She said Gay hearts are bigger than most. They tend to love more, and get hurt more. But the best thing about having a gay heart. Is that you can see other gay heart's. Even the ones afraid to admit it yet. Making eye contact and the boy kiss. They grab their junk and run back to Clint's room for hours of gay stuff. The first time for one of them they took things slow and then started over.

The following night some guys in the dorm requested an another go with their bartending skills. A makeshift bar was set up in the shower room. It was bring your own booze just let us serve it. This time they were out of the closet boyfriends having fun behind a bar. Weird that guys were drunk and in their running around in their underwear. Some minor gay stuff. Security was called to stop the party at midnight. The guys had one more night alone before Clints roommate got back. They talked about getting an apartment or new roommate assignments. Clint's roommate wanted off of that floor. He and Eric got approval to switch rooms for the rest of the year.

Fast forward one year. Eric is at the top of his class at UNLV. Clint just passed the test to be a hair stylist and is opening a second franchise of his sister shop. Girls and boys will be waiting for him to shampoo their hair. Their wedding at the Wynn made it into magazines with Clint's mom and dad both in management. One of the most gay friendly casinos' on the planet

A Gay Heart - Story Time Blog


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