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A Gay Guy, a Straight guy, and a Bully walk into a - Story Time Blog

AI Art three gay guys walk into a

A gay guy, a straight guy, and a bully walk into a priest's office.

Afraid of the consequences of the trouble they are in.

They have been caught doing gay stuff with each other.

At an all Catholic Boarding School for boys and girls.

Mostly because their parents are just to busy to care for them.

For the three young men the current question was

Now what happens?

Father Tom - If you had to choose one of these word the best describes yourself. Straight, Bi sexual, Gay, or something else?

Steve - Gay and always have been. That might be the first time I said it out loud. WOW. Please do not tell my parents, they don't want to know.

Danny - I tried to like girls they just didn't like me. I gave up looking and pray for a miracle everyday father.

Jeff - I think God gave me the ability to have sex every few hours and it hurts if I don't. It is also why God make some guys gay. Father you have three sometimes gay young men in your office that are almost naked. Isn't that against the law after what happen with you guys?

Father Tom - Only if we all get totally naked. Jeff don't go there. Pull your shorts back up... I will call your father... That is better. Who else needs some air? Let's take a walk.

A Gay Guy, a Straight guy, and a Bully walk into a - Story Time Blog


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