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AI ART A Gay Dream

He had a gay dream last night.

That got him thinking.

About the possibilities.

Of having a crush on a guy.

The gay idea has been in the back of his head.

Since ninth grade at least.

Maybe before that.

He sends a text to his dad.

Congratulations old man in a text.

You are the first person to hear this news

Get ready, and please try to understand.

Sorry in advance.

I am pretty sure I am a fag.

A word you have used before.

I really wish you wouldn't.

At least from now on, please.

I am hitting on a guy later.

For the first time ever.

Hoping he will be join me.

In doing gay stuff, like love.

You know how I feel about rejection.

So, please don't get too pissed.

I don't want to lose you.

Or our relationship.

Help me explain this to mom and grandparents.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

He has got to say yes first.

Or I am coming out for nothing.

And be there if he doesn't. 

Cause I really think I love him.

The time has come to tell him.

This is practice and just as scary.

I love you dad.

But the most important part.

To remember forever about that.

Is no matter what.

A Gay Dream - Story Time Blog


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