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A Fairy Gets His Wings - Story Time Blog

AI Artwork 1of2dads a fairy
Two gay guys kiss

They walked out of the bar stopped.

My best straight redneck friend.

That I only know from this straight redneck bar.

Just gave me a kiss on my mouth.

Both our first time kissing a guy.

Since kids and elementary school maybe.

I just started kissing him back.

It was from out of nowhere.

We been friends for five months.

We have been straight all of our lives.

Because we go to the same bar.

We just got to know each other.

Now ever better.

I couldn't believe this was happening.

We stopped kissing and smiled.

Nervously he asked.

Please come back to my place.

Let's do more than that.

I said fine. You drive.

As he beeps to unlock his truck.

I add. You know they are all watching us.

He said. Yeah, on the security camera.

Before closing his door he suggests.

We should give them something to look at.

He leans over and we kiss again.

I swear we heard a roar of applause.

Hoots and hollers from inside the bar.

A Fairy Gets His Wings - Story Time Blog

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