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A Difference in Parenting - Story Time Blog

Pic of dad in his underwear

A difference in parenting due to my dad and mom divorce when I was twelve . Mom took my sister and I stayed with dad. After a really bad day at school I come out as gay to the world.

Mom blamed it on dad. He held me too much, always picked me up, Alway made a point to acknowledged me or my problem and walk me through the step to solve it. Dad did construction and strip down to naked, showered and clean underwear. Dad was alway hanging out more comfortable and less laundry.. Mom seem to think it all made me gay.

Dad said he did not have a problem with it be being gay. He seems to think I was alway born this way. I couldn't stop crying. He had me sleep in his bed and we cuddled all night. Nothing gay just some dad love. His bear hugs. He helped me find other gay people my age. He kept me safe. He made learn about cars, Ran track for a while. We worked out together at home.

What came first the chicken or the egg. The answer is the egg, the occupant was the change. It's called evolution. So, spend all this time and energy to understand why you are the way you are. Are you different because of the answer?

I am, who I am and it is time to move on with living the life I got. No matter how I got here. Dad said he was proud of me .

A Difference in Parenting - Story Time Blog


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