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To all males on the planet earth looking for Gay Guy Stuff.

My Story Time Blog, A.I. Art work and More website is the Bird and Bees library of love for gay guys along with a few personal experiences. This is a online magazine for gay males.

I am old and retired, and yet still working, and still supporting my three adopted challenged sons. All still live at home at the ages of 29, 27, 25. I am married to a wonderful man Warren who I met in 1996 and moved in with 1997. I adopted Ray and Jesse in 2002. At the time only single men in Nevada could adopt. Then in 2004 we added Kelton to our family.

A slightly challenged person myself adopting three challenged young men seemed logical. My parents screwed up parenting so I was convinced I could do better. I was the stay at home dad learning about Individualized Educational Plans. IEPs. As a dad helping with homework I was fine with the exception of English. My sister a School teacher, then principal to me to just start writing and it would improve. (it is still not good, just fun, branding, marketing, art)

I was the Gay dad with adopted kids. Senator Harry Reid was our friend and he knew the name of Jesse and Ray for years at political events. This was Nevada being pro LGBTQ before gay mariage. Note Harry as a conservative Mormon was very pro Gay Rights. I loved the man. We got a little tipsy at the 2004 party after election results.

My time on Tumblr started in 2015. I have hundreds of dirty perverted stories about gay sex.

In 2018 it went away when Tumblr crashed due to the weight of adult content I had over 333 thousand followers. It was a blast. My Art and gifs continued on several Tumblr replacements. Until my return to tumblr last fall without adult content. As a artist and writer of Gay Stuff.

This is not that old tumblr 1of2dads.

tumblr graft 333,377 followers

This is about coming out as gay. Life as a gay guy. Life as a gay dad. This is about sexy content, (butt pics) and not adult content.

In therapy for PTSD most of my life this blog is my escape, my voice, and has special healing powers for me. I hope it helps you in some way.

This is about love.

To my kids saying never stop trying to advocate for better, you have a voice, you got something to say, say it. I live in Las Vegas, and hit a jackpot for 5000 K I have invested about $500 that into this website. The price doubles next year. I am hoping to make some money from this to support my retirement. Ads, Fees, and Las Vegas Events. So I can keep doing this.

Most Important this is me telling everyone gay YOU ARE NOT ALONE. That Birds and Bees part of this blog we alway be free. This is like facebook we only use real identities and verification will be required to participate. Free to look / see.

Send me you ideas, requests, suggestions.

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Your comments on post are welcome, please keep them PG rated as much as possible.

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